The Founders Misstep

The creators and signers of the constitution, missed one of the most important/essential pieces of legislation. They decided, what should be an impartial legal process, instead to be a political process. The process of impeachment, is a political process masquerading as a legal process. The second impeachment of Donald Trump was not an action seeking Justice.

Nowhere in America has a crime scene also been the courtroom, the victims able to be both prosecutors and jury. The jury swore an oath to be impartial and follow the law. The process issue of: whether or not, a president can be taken to trial, after he has left office was voted on and the winning vote was, yes; a trial could be held legally, after a person has left office. The impeachment documents were written and delivered while Donald Trump was in office.

There are no consequences for the republican White Men, that violated the oath to be impartial jurists and vote their conscious based on the evidence presented and rebutted by the attorney’s representing the former president. There is no other legal proceeding that functions that way. But, again, this was a political process, where apparently, loyalty to party or to one White RACIST MALE is more important than applying the truth fairly. It is abundantly clear, justice in these United States is a fleeting lost reality.

Only in America, can a white man cast a not guilty vote for you, then verbally tell America the

Person he voted not guilty for, was personally and morally responsible for the exact item he was on trial for. What a slap in the face for justice, as well as making sure all Americans know: