Dear little Ms. JOY,

As I write this letter to you today, May 8, 2019, we have not met in person. I have had the pleasure of meeting your Father and Mother. These are two genuine, heart-warming, loving people. More than anything on this earth they Love you unconditionally as our parents do. I know they are not the two people that created the beautiful joyous person you are. In our lifetime, who created you does not matter. God chose them, who are in a blessed union to be the parents that are with you throughout the rest of your life. I am not sure you are completely aware of the challenges you face every day of your young life. Several things are without doubt:

  1. You have been chosen by God to be here at this time and place
  2. God has a plan/mission for you
  3. You are the only one that can understand the plan/mission you’ve been chosen for
  4. Please know in times of challenge, your parents and God will not forsake you
  5. Love yourself as no one else can
  6. Be the light of life given to you
  7. Challenges of all shapes and sizes shall be placed in your path. Your personal strength and power will allow you to move the challenges out of your path
  8. Be not afraid, or scared of others.
  9. You are important, you matter, you are worthy, your value yet to be determined, your self-worth is immeasurable.
  10. Live your life fully and of course joyfully