Have You Noticed?

The United States of America:

Has finally let its true colors be seen on every Day

Has an Old White Racist, sexist, abusive, irresponsible, lying, narcissist as the President

People with Disabilities Human/Civil Rights are under attack by the President and his minions

The “SUPREME COURT” historically was all White Men operating in their self-interest not Justice

The Republican Party is represented by 98 ninety-eight percent old White men

The Presidents cabinet is over ninety 90% old White men

White men in positions of knowledge and authority will sell their souls for power and money

People with Disabilities work twice as hard as others

People with Disabilities are the lowest paid and most unrecognized for their efforts in business

Women have gained many rights and more equality incorporating portions of the Civil Rights movement into Title Nine legislation and the ME-TOO Movement

Women continue to be unfairly compensated

Civil Rights, Voting rights, Women’s Right to Choose, are under attack by Old White Men in the Republican Party, Presidents Cabinet, Conservative TV with support of many wealthy Old White Men

Until the White People of the United States know the TRUE History of these United States, they will fail

Until the harm of White Supremacy, Terror Lynching, and slavery are effectively changed we lose

When White Men understand fairness and opportunity create harmony and equality we all WIN