Disability Discrimination 2022-2023


February 10, 2023

Since September 9, 2022 I’ve been trying my best to understand why MEMBERS OF THE HUMAN FAMILY LIVING WITH AND EXPERIENCING DISABILITIES continue to be discriminated against by individuals representing large institutions in Minnesota. Banking, Healthcare, Health Insurance, City of Bloomington, City of Minneapolis, State of MN department of Human Services.

From personal experience and interactions with the institutions above, none of them are educated on the full application and intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act: ADA 1991, the Constitution of the US, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Rehabilitation Act of 1973, The Affordable Car Act: ACA section 1557.

My professional opinion and forty-eight year battle for full inclusion and equity for MEMBERS OF THE HUMAN FAMILY LIVING WITH AND EXPERIENCING DISABILITIES is: We have within our Culture people with limited knowledge, experience, lived experience, of those not White. The White humans are making decisions, creating companies, coopting scholars, socialization of the proper descriptive word to describe our culture.

My life started when the descriptive term was “CRIPPLED” Shriners hospitals official name at that time was: Shriners hospital for CRIPPLED CHILDREN. This term and all others that eliminate the humanity and rights of any human being is SIMPLY WRONG, BLATANTLY DISCRIMINATORY, INHUMANE, INTENDED TO CONTROL, AND OPPRESS A CULTURE OF HUMAN BEINGS.

Members of the human family living with and experiencing disabilities NEED, SHOULD, AND SHALL come together as ONE to explore and understand our history. Set forth the path to the future that provides and offers INCLUSION, EQUITY, EQUALITY no matter who is speaking and making decsions.